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Discovering Cajun French Through the Spoken Word: a CD-ROM Produced by the Louisiana French Dictionary Project

December 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Dominique Ryon helped direct the Louisiana French Project, an effort supported by the Indiana University Creole Institute. The project has conducted extensive research on Louisiana French in collaboration with several universities in Louisiana. The Louisiana French Project published its first lexical guide in 2003.

Compiled and transcribed by Dominique Ryon and a respected team of academics, the CD-ROM titled “A la découverte du français cadien à travers la parole,” or “Discovering Cajun French Through the Spoken Word,” offers a specific lexical focus on the French dialect spoken in Louisiana.

Louisiana code-switching

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The publication represents the first manifestation of the project aimed at creating linguistic resources for learning Louisiana French. Features of this CD-ROM lexical guide include a representative compilation of terms from the language, texts that specifically illustrate nuances of the language’s daily use, and recorded interviews demonstrating real-life speech documentation from Louisiana French speakers. The 155 pages of text on Discovering Cajun French represent speech documented in 32 towns within the French-speaking Triangle. Ms. Ryon’s role in publishing the compilation included collecting oral excerpts from radio archives and helping to record interviews.